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Small Business IT support for Salisbury, Warminster and surrounding areas. 

IT Support

Whether you are sole-trader, or small business with several staff, Harling IT Services can provide you with all your IT support requirements.

Websites and Domains

From the initial design, through domain registration and hosting, to regular management, we assist you with your complete online presence.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9.00-17.30
  • Saturday 9.30-12.30
  • Sunday                                             Downtime

Services Offered

Whether you are a new venture not knowing where to start, an existing business needing to upgrade, or just need support for your existing arrangements, Harling IT Services can assist, helping you through every step of the way. We ensure that we explain all the options to you, and work with you to put together your IT plan.



IT needs to be regularly maintained in order to continue to function correctly. We tailor our maintenance plans to suit your individual requirements. From ad-hoc service, to monthly on-site maintenance visits, we recommend what is most suitable for you and your business.



We can provide the complete consultancy package for the small business, whether you are a start-up venture, or fully established. Some people know what they want to achieve but need help putting the pieces in place. Others may not be aware of how IT can assist them in their business. Whichever camp you fall into, we can assist to ensure that IT is used to its best ability.


Web Presence

Every small business requires an Internet presence. From simple domain registration to provide professional email addresses, through small static websites acting as your online brochure, to full-blown interactive websites linking to social media, we can advise and assist.


Data Backup

As soon as you start to use a computer, you start to accumulate data. Whether it’s client letters, email correspondence, company accounts or databases, loss of just one bit of data can cause huge problems and expense. We can provide a full assessment of your needs, and put the plan in place to ensure data is protected.


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Our office is not permanently manned, so personal visits are by appointment only.

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